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Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic (Redmi AirDots)

True wireless bluetooth headset

Support Bluetooth 5.0, automatic seconds can be used to pick up



Fast second

Automatic seconds connection, you can use headphones

Bluetooth 5.0

A new generation of Bluetooth technology for faster and more stable connections

4.1g light

Comfortable to wear, free to adjust, not easy to fall off

12h long battery life

With the charging box, brush 6 movies


Binaural multi-function button for easy control of music and phone

Voice control

Summon voice assistant, voice control mobile phone



The new wireless experience is 
automatically connected in seconds, and you can use it when you put on your headphones.

The connection between the left and right earphones disappeared, but it brought a simpler experience. 

Just put on the headphones, it is ready to start your performance immediately.